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Working in the medical field, I often saw patients with chronic health issues only coming back for medication to manage their pain, sometimes with no foreseeable positive outcomes. In addition, many of these patients were hesitant to adjust their eating habits to help their healing process as they did not want to sacrifice their favorite foodsI had a strong desire to help these patients and other community members. That's when I started my journey in the food prepping industry. Who knew this would soon lead to my dream profession". "In the beginning, my amazing husband, a grill master, and I started prepping meals from our home kitchen for family and close friends. After seeing the beneficial impact that our meals had in their lives and the great feedback, we decided to move forward and open Fit Life Meal Prep".Fit Life Meal is not only a business for me; it is truly a labor of love, my passion! I enjoy creating, sharing, and prepping good, clean, healthy, nutritious meals to nourish and delight my customers". My goal is to help others adopt a healthy lifestyle and continue building awareness of how healthy food can be delicious, flavorful, and savory and how such food heals and nurtures us. As I continue my journey, I look forward to crossing paths and assisting you with your very own healthy lifestyle goals". Fit Life Meal truly can transform you, one meal at a time!
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