Crowns help restore your natural smile; crowns are versatile creations that hide your cosmetic flaws. They can help restore your teeth' strength if decay or trauma damage. 

Crowns are a perfect solution for many dental flaws; they work like a shield for your teeth to stop the damage and prevent further disease. Dental crown in Houston can last for a long time with proper care for atleast 10 to 15 years, but after that, you may need to replace them. They are a long-lasting solution than other dental treatments.


You should know how to care for your dental crowns to prevent damage. Here are some tips that can help you keep yor smile beautiful for a long time.



Dodge hard and sticky foods.


Although strong and resilient, crowns can sustain damage like natural teeth. Your crown may shatter, crack, or break if you chew on hard candies or ice, so you'll need to get a replacement sooner than usual. Eating extremely sticky or chewy foods can also lead to issues, either by weakening or loosening your crown or by allowing sticky bits to become wedged between your crown and gum. Wherever possible, try to avoid these foods. To ensure your crown matches your teeth before having a crown placed, you should undergo professional teeth whitening.


Brush and floss Regularly.


Even though the tooth that supports your crown is "artificial," it still needs regular dental care. To keep your teeth strong and healthy daily brushing and flossing are necessary. 

Although the crown covers the entire tooth surface, it must be brushed appropriately to stop the sticky plaque layer and maintain the crown's best impression. Moreover, flossing is crucial because food particles and germs can stick between the crown and your gum or an adjacent tooth. If you have one, you will be instructed to take special care not to loosen your temporary crown when flossing. But, since your permanent crown is attached with a stronger Houston dental glue, you can use regular floss to clean around it.  


If you feel teeth sensitivity after the crown covers your tooth, you can use toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.


Kick your bad habits.


Avoid bad habits like biting nails or pencils. If you habitually chew on objects, you must stop that. Biting on complex objects can make your crown chip or can even break. 

Also, grinding your teeth when stressed can impact your crown. Now you have to stop these habits if you have a crown. By eliminating these habits, your teeth and gums will thank you and save money on a new crown.



Use a night guard


If you have a habit of grinding and clenching your jaw or teeth at night when asleep, you can use a night guard to avoid damage to your crown. Wear your night guard at least at night, and if you know you're doing it, stop immediately. This can also cause severe problems. Talk to your dentist in Houston near me to create a custom night guard to cushion your teeth and protect your crown while you are asleep.


In Conclusion:


Visit your dentist for more details. You can also get a same day crown near me in Houston tx for your tooth. Book an appointment now and discuss your issues or for different Dental Services in Houston, Tx.


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