A root canal procedure can be needed for many reasons, like severe tooth decay, damaged crown, or chipped teeth. The process is designed to eliminate the tooth infection that has destroyed the tooth. When the tooth deep inside gets infected, that means the tooth pulp, your dentist may suggest a root canal procedure.


The procedure will help you remove the infection from the teeth and helps to restore the tooth functionality. The treatment will also help prevent re-infection in the tooth. You can find a dentist for root canal near me in houston and book an appointment.


During the procedure, the teeth may become sensitive and fragile due to the process. Therefore, your dentist will provide you with a crown to prevent further decay.


Your dentists may recommend the procedure if you are experiencing the following:


Persistent Tooth Pain

If you have persistent tooth pain, you may need a root canal treatment, as the infection may have reached deep down the tooth pulp. You should visit your root canal specialist near me in houston to know why the pain is. Pain can be for many reasons, so it is necessary to visit the dentist to learn the exact reason for tooth pain.



Discoloration of Tooth

A change in the color of your teeth can also be an indication that there is a severe problem. It usually happens when the pulp inside the tooth gets infected or inflamed; you may notice grey or black spots on your tooth. Without an improper blood supply, the tooth pulp can die. This happens because of the infection caused by the bacteria. In this case, the dentist may recommend you a root canal treatment.


Swollen Gums

When the tooth pulp gets infected, it can be painful, and that can sometimes cause swollen gums. The swelling of the gums can be caused by the pulp's acidic waste products that are dead or severely damaged. You may need to remove the infected pulp from your tooth.


Pain in the Tooth While Eating

If you feel pain in your gums and teeth while eating or drinking can be a sign that you need a root canal treatment. If you feel sensitivity while eating hot and cold food, this may indicate that you need a root canal treatment. Talk to your root canal in Houston dentist if you are suffering from these issues; ignoring these signs may become more severe, and an infection can cause tooth loss.


Chipped or Cracked Tooth

A chipped or cracked tooth in an accident can further lead to infection in the tooth as the bacteria can stay up there and cause harm. Therefore, the injured teeth can harm the nerve and can lead to tooth loss. Your dentist may recommend you a root canal treatment after diagnosis.



Loose Tooth

When the nerves of the tooth die, you may feel that your tooth is becoming loose. This can be why your tooth nerve is damaged, and you must visit your Houston dentist for treatment.


In Conclusion:

General dentistry in Houston recommends a root canal treatment if you have the following issues. A root canal can prevent tooth loss and helps it to survive and function again if the help of a crown.


Talk to your dentist if you need a root canal treatment. BOOK an appointment now!


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