When Corbett comes to experience the natural beauty of nature and the adventure of encounter the magnificent wildlife of India, few places can opponent the Jim Corbett National Park. This wilds sanctuary like a haven for wildlife enthusiast and adventure seekers but also offers a range of luxurious accommodation that promise a memorable stay. We will provide the best Jim Corbett resorts that give the perfect blend of comfort and nearness to the wild.

Aahana - The Corbett Wilderness

This is to be found on the southern border of Jim Corbett National Park, Aahana is a resort that immerses you in the knee of nature. With eco-friendly practices and luxurious facilities, it's the ideal move away for those seeking calm.

Facilities: Spa, swimming pool, and nature walks.

The Rangers Reserve: Where Luxury Meets Adventure

Situated in the middle of dense forests, The Rangers Reserve provides a luxurious and adventurous run away. Jim Corbett Resorts offers guests the chance to spot tigers and leopards from the console of their cottages.

Facilities: Guided safaris and stargazing sessions

Corbett the Baagh Spa & Resort: for a royal Experience

If you are looking for a royal move away, Corbett the Baagh is your answer. This magnificent resort boasts hard work rooms and stylish decor, all while preserve the natural surroundings.

Facilities: A plentiful spa and fine dining.

Solluna Resort: Wellness and Adventure in One

Set along the peaceful banks of the Ramganga River, Solluna Resort offers a holistic experience, combine wellness with wildlife encounter. You can unwind at the spa and travel around the jungle on breathtaking safaris.

Facilities: Yoga and meditation sessions, jungle safaris, and riverside dining.

Namah Resort: Where the River meets the woods

Overlooking the Kosi River, Namah Resort is a serene escape that lets you connect with nature. It's intended to blend flawlessly with the surroundings, offering a harmonious experience.

Facilities: Riverside dining, bird watching, and adventure activities.


These offer more than just a place to rest your head after a day of adventure in the wild. They provide an immersive knowledge, allow you to hold in your arms the natural wonders of the area while indulge in the comforts of luxury. Whether you seek wildlife encounter, relaxation, or a small piece of both, Jim Corbett Resorts have you enclosed. Plan your next visit to Jim Corbett National Park and let these resorts be your access to the charming world of Indian wildlife.
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