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If you want to make any place of your home comfortable then one of the best ways to do this is to use tiles. Usage of tiles in homes has increased in recent years. The biggest advantage of tiles is that you never have to settle them. Properly installed tiles are really very easy to clean and maintain. The tiles surface does not sag,Guest Posting wear or stain. The tiles are made up of different materials. Some tiles made from natural stones that provide a beautiful and natural element. They are also available in many textures, colours, patterns and styles. Following are some different types of tiles. Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are manufactured by reducing different types of clay to a fine powder. It is the most common type of tile and it is available in different colors and styles for both walls and floors. Floor tiles are little bit thicker and stronger than wall tiles. Ceramic tiles are very hard and very easy to clean and maintain.

These types of tiles are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Most of the ceramic tiles are very glazy and slippery, while some un-glazy ceramic tiles are also available for floor as they are non-slippery. These tiles are very cold and hard which makes them very durable. Some special heat resistant ceramic tiles are also available for worktops. Ceramic tiles are very brittle in nature. Brick Tiles: Brick tiles are the second most commonly used tiles after ceramic tiles. Brick tiles are also known as stone tiles. These brick tiles provide a very natural look. Most of the people like to use brick tiles on their walls and this would be achieved with thin brick tiles which are stuck on to the wall very easily. The biggest advantage of brick tiles is that they are not very expensive and available in market at affordable prices. Cork Tiles: Cork tiles are very popular for the finishing of both floors and walls. Cork tiles are very thicker and stronger as compare with ceramic tiles.

The technique of laying both cork and ceramic tiles is not much different. Unlike ceramic tiles, the surface cork tile is warm. Cork tiles are very easy to cut with a sharp knife. Terracotta Tiles: These types of tiles are made from fired clay. Terracotta tiles offer a lovely warm look to any kind of surface but the disadvantage of these tiles is that they are very absorbent with moisture. These tiles are available with smooth as well as textured surfaces. You can easily cut terracotta tiles in any shape or size with the help of a sharp blade. Marble: Marble is a very popular type of tile because of its durability and beauty. Marble has been most commonly used in flooring, counter tops, hallways etc. You can easily buff out all the scratches from marble with the help of a buffer and it is a very big advantage of marble tiles. Marble tiles are available in different colors like white marble, black marble, brown marble etc.

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