We are a unique, specialty psychology collective of independent psychologists that is dedicated to: Providing evidence-based treatments like CBT, ACT, DBT, and RO-DBT, which are heavily influenced by the best available research in behavioral and biological science (read – ACTION, that is let’s go – pitter patter let’s get at er!) Bringing high-achieving individuals and their families the best and most dedicated psychologists who can hold space for #allthefeels and all the #dontknowwhatifeels. Momentumgroup Going full-tilt Jedi Master on the therapeutic relationship because we know that it’s the “force” behind every single thing we do. Oh, and we really love doing online therapy. We LOVE offering our clients the flexibility to get what they need AND be where they need and want to be. Our psychologists have training in telehealth, and are REALLY, REALLY good at the online format, and CAN make online feel real life.
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