Fallston Group is an experienced, trusted global reputation agency operating at the intersection of leadership, strategy, and communications. Research underscores that a staggering 80% of an organization’s marketplace value is intricately tied to intangible assets like brand equity, intellectual capital, and goodwill. Understanding this, Fallston Group diligently navigates the complexities of each industry and organization to maximize these intangibles for our diverse clientele, spanning from multinational corporations to local enterprises and non-profits. The bottom line is that we ‘see the whole room’ and engage with velocity, vision, and precision.As a pioneer within reputation management companies, Fallston Group has stood out as a trusted firm since we opened our doors in 2009. Our seasoned experts understand the dynamic between leadership, strategy, and communications, leveraging this insight to safeguard our clients’ reputations across various public, private, non-profit, and governmental sectors. Our diverse backgrounds and experiential skills uniquely qualify our team to work across many sectors.At Fallston Group, we adopt a modernized approach, recognizing that reputational equity is a cornerstone of sustainable growth and resilience. Our team, comprised of deeply experienced leadership experts, operates with urgency and assertiveness, ensuring clarity and tangible results in every endeavor. We offer a flexible blend of executive and operational services tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. Whether it’s proactively preparing for potential issues through strategic communications, identifying ways to incorporate public relations into marketing plans, various public relations services, monitoring traditional and digital media for your brand, navigating through adversity, or orchestrating a swift recovery from a crisis, our comprehensive suite of services empowers leaders and brands to weather any storm with confidence.
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